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            About Us

        About Us

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        Tianjin Sitong electronics co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of encapsulated transformer, high/low frequency transformers, power transformers, coils, inductors and other electronic components, etc. The company has passed ISO9001- 2008 certification and UL, CE certification.

        The company has 1800 square meters and has 85 Staff, including technical development, management personnel. The production line adopts the advanced equipments, including 3 HP LCR tester, high frequency comprehensive tester for 4 sets, 2 sets of low frequency comprehensive test instrument, other RLR tester is 15, 10 sets of withstand voltage tester, 25 units of automatic winding equipment, 8 units of toroidal winding equipment, 30 units of semi-automatic winding equipment, other special equipment for a total of 15 units.

        Our products are guaranteed in quality, products will be delivered on schedule, quality stability. We were obtained the high praise in general customers. The chief engineer was determined to transformer research for more than 30 years, with a wealth of practical experience.

        We would like to cooperate with you in future.